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G. K.
Amazon Customer

…I wasn’t expecting big things at all from this supplement. Usually you don’t notice a big difference and it can be hard to connect it with which supplement could be helping. I was wrong – this supplement has made a big difference to me and made it much easier to leave the carbs behind and get into fat burning. I notice when I don’t take it. I was worried that the green tea extract could make it hard to go to sleep – but it doesn’t at all. If you are low-carbing then this supplement really helps.

Michael C.
Amazon Customer

On previous low carb diet attempts, I stopped soon after starting (within days) because of what I’ve learned is keto-flu. I also learned that this time I’m taking these great supplements and I’ve had zero signs of keto-flu for 10 weeks! I’m 25 pounds lighter and feel great.

Amazon Customer

I searched everywhere for a quality vitamin that didn’t have added junk and finally found it! I live a Keto lifestyle and it’s nearly impossible to find vitamins that don’t contain sugars or starches. I’ve been taking these about 6 months and I have them on subscribe and save. Answered prayers! I’m not sure what other reviewers expect as far as swallowing, these are certainly no larger than standard vitamins. I’m thankful that I found these!

John H
Amazon Customer

I am on the Atkins diet and during phase 1 and phase 2 I fell seriously short of energy for gym and golf. These made a tremendous difference within 24 hours. I took them with a CoQ10 and an Omega 3-6-9 supplement. Recommended for low carbers.

Lyn R
Amazon Customer

We are on a KETO diet and required extra vitamins but ones without the extra carbs. These were the perfect choice and appear to be doing their job. The only downside is they are quite large to swallow but then most capsule style vitamin tablet are. So maybe it’s just a problem I have 😃

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer

Only supplements that actually improves how I feel. Brilliant product.

Jasia K.
Amazon Customer

Does what it says on the tin. A must have for low carbers.

Tony S.
Amazon Customer

The perfect supplement for ketogenic / Atkins diets. I don’t think I’ll be taking the stated 3 a day when I get closer to my weight target, but I will still be taking at least 1 a day.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer

At first I was reluctant to purchase these vitamins. My body tends to be sensitive to medications and vitamins. However, I decided to purchase them based on the synopsis of the product (sugar free, iron free, formulated for low carbers, etc.). I was looking for a vitamin that wouldn’t stall me due to hidden fillers and sugars since I am on the Atkins induction phase. I must say that I am pleased with the product. I have been taking it for about a full month and I’m going to order more.

Amazon Customer

I was very glad to have found this multivitamin as Atkins no longer produces them and this covers all the nutrients that the Atkins brand did.

Amazon Customer

I started taking these when I started the Keto diet and they’ve helped immensely. I had very minimal “Keto flu” symptoms and I credit a large part of that to these multi-vitamins. I also appreciate that they cover the low-carb diet needed nutrients as well as just overall multi-vitamin needs. I was able to completely replace my other multi-vitamins with these and get the extra bonus low-carb recommended vitamins.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer

I have been taking this “keto friendly” multivitamin now for 4 months. Very, very productive on keeping my body functioning during keto while working out daily. Very pleased.

Amazon Customer

Very efficient for legs cramp as on keto diet and I am taking only 2 tablets per day. I also like that the sodium content is lower than other supplements as I can add more salt to my food if I feel I need it.

Deborah C
Amazon Customer

I have continued to order these to overcome the anxiety and insomnia which was being brought to the surface with hormonal changes. I began noticing a difference within a few days of taking them, (and I am not on a Keto diet). I have taken them for several months now, and each time I begin to reduce the dose I start noticing a change in my mood.

Amazon Customer

These electrolytes seem to be very good. They help me sleep and reduce leg cramping. My partner also feels they are supporting their health.

Amazon Customer

First time taking this supplement but notice the difference almost immediately, definitely going to purchase again!

Sea Dancer
Amazon Customer

Great stuff. Helps me sleep like a baby and feeling very relaxed. Everyone should use this product.

Inspiring wellness
Amazon Customer

This is the perfect accompaniment to any Keto diet. Highly recommended.

Amazon Customer

Keeping up these essential electrolytes during as prolonged water fast is a great way to keep topping your body up of these ingredients. It definitely got me through the bad days when I have keto flu. The taste is quite harsh to start with but as recommended, try using half doses so you can get used to it. Despite the strong salty taste, it’s a welcoming taste when I’m only consuming water throughout the day. Product arrived quickly and delivers exactly what it’s supposed to, no issues!!

Elijah H
Amazon Customer

Taste salty but works great.

Spooky Ghost
Amazon Customer

Good product, especially if you are watching your electrolytes. I am using this for keto once a day and most of my symptoms have disappeared. It is very salty but I don’t mind that so much. I’m not sure how long this will last me just yet, so for now, I will not give full marks for value for money, but will definitely return to update if my opinion changes.

David C
Amazon Customer

It tastes terrible. Its not meant to taste nice, but it does a fantastic job of stabilizing your electrolyte levels while fasting. No headaches or fatigue anymore during my 48 hour fasts. Best way to take this is to mix with a litre of ice cold water, and some squeezed lemon juice. It makes the salty taste a lot more bearable, and the lemon juice doesn’t break your fast. On the tub it recommends mixing one scoop with 500ml but that is way too salty for me.

Amazon Customer

Great value for this product. It is salty tasting but we do things we don’t like to achieve our goals.

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We don’t use sugar coatings or cheap carbohydrate fillers in any of our products. They are completely sugar-free and zero-carb, and also free from sweeteners, gluten, soya, lactose and sulphites.

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